The Downloader

The Downloader is a unique product, specifically designed to store company waste more efficiently. Compacting waste in standard 360 or 240 litre rolling containers allows you to store up to five times more waste in these containers. This results in significant savings in the required storage space, transport movements and removal costs.

Developed in the Netherlands, the Downloader uses a silent, electrically powered spiral to compact the waste. This spiral transports the waste from the charge flap to the container, where it is compacted. This makes the machine very ecologically sound.

The Downloader will allow you to deal more efficiently with company waste and to cut costs. Whether your company is large or small, the Downloader is a smart investment in sustainable and efficient waste handling.

Downloader - afvalpers voor kliko


Simple operation
Offers 4 to 5 times the capacity in the same container
Less storage
Less transport
Hygenic operation, no contact with the content of the refuse bags
Low maintenance machine
No waiting, machine stops automatically
Fast processing, bags can be loaded in quick succession
Silent, electric drive
Conforms to CE-guidelines


Width 75 cm
Depth 94 cm
Height (closed) 187 cm
Height (open) 217 cm
Weight 175 kg
Mains voltage 230 V 50 Hz
Wattage 370 W
Containertype 240 or 360 liter ESE

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