Lineloader | Waste compactor for rolling containers

The Lineloader is a compactor designed for fast, efficient and safe waste compacting in standard rolling containers or special design containers.

Waste containers take up a lot of space and the separation of the various waste flows requires ever more containers.

The Lineloader is a Dutch concept to compact light, mixed company waste in standard 2,500 litre Euro containers, 1,600 litre rolling containers or special waste cassettes of various sizes. As a result, each standard container can hold 4 to 5 times its original volume. This results in significant savings in the required storage space and removal costs.

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Simple operation
Stationary compactor allows the coupling of various containers
Machine runs on a standard 230-volt power point, no high voltage power required
4 to 5 times the capacity in the same container
Less storage
Less transport
Hygienic operation, no contact with the content of the refuse bags
Low maintenance machine
No waiting, machine stops automatically
Fast processing, bags can be loaded in quick succession
Silent, electric drive
Conforms to CE-guidelines


Width 100 cm
Depth 125 cm
Height (closed) 180 cm
Weight 175 kg
Mains power 230 V 50 Hz
Wattage 1.5 kW

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