The Thermopress

Increasing volumes of plastic packaging materials are being used to properly wrap and protect the constantly growing flow of goods and packages.

The resulting mountain of waste consisting of plastic wrap and shrink foils, plastic bags and filling materials continues to grow rapidly.

The Thermopress offers the solution to this problem by allowing you to effectively process this plastic waste.

The material can be loaded directly into the Thermopress.

Once loaded, the Thermopress can be closed and subsequently started up. The remaining process is fully automatic and quiet. The inserted material is compressed into an easily manageable package of about 5 kg. and subsequently sealed.

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Simple operation
Fully automatic and quiet operation
Compact machine
90% volume reduction
Prevents material drift
Less storage
Less transport resulting in reduced CO2 emissions
Better yield / lower costs
Low maintenance
Conforms to machine guidelines, with CE-markings


Width 70 cm
Depth 50 cm
Height (closed) 128 cm
Height (open) 208 cm
Weight 130 kg
Mains power 230 volt
Wattage 3 kW
Energy consumptiom

± 1 kWh per package


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